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Cosimo Collection Decorative and Repeat Patterns

Repeat Pattern, Timeless Traditions, Contemporary Innovations.

Cosimo Collection timeless traditions contemporary innovations. Janus always looking forward to the future and behind to the past.

The power of beauty is just as forceful as the power of aggression. We are always living out the allegorical cycle of Venus and Mars. What our society has forgotten is the third wheel, without industry the interaction of love and war becomes vulgar; Vulcan has become the jilted lover hellbent on destroying everything… We must seek harmony, Venus and Mars can never be joined in sacred union. Beauty must reconquer Industry… Otherwise it will end in their mutual destruction… Who has been our Iago?


The fulcrum between technology and artisan is becoming increasingly difficult because industrialization has given way to the temptation to make everything too perfect and on trend. The artisans hands discussion with their medium has been lost. We are not creating things of beauty, we are leaving only objects devoid of grace. The shelf life of a print today is as limited as the season that it was produced in. We have created an increasingly banal world lost to sensual beauty. Cosimo Collection is my transgression, offering my patrons something beautiful, sustainable, that can be integrated and utilize in everyday life.

Beauty is a Universal Human Right

Cosimo Collection Lucky Green Bird Beauty is a universal human right. Luck comes in the appreciation and practice of beauty. Rights must be cultivate

We are bridges between today and tomorrow. There is a de-facto discussion being had about what cherished as a culture and what we are leaving behind-a life spent in reflection on the future motivates us to realize what being human really signifies. Art and culture is every day, it is what we wear, where we live, and what we eat. We are entitled to a vastness of beauty as our birthright. Universal forms are fundamental building blocks to orgiastic tendencies in nature, to observe the overlapping and interaction of design, our processing of surroundings becomes a dialogue between reality and possibility. A continuing cycle of evolving and devolving: Life on earth, ever changing. After millennia of cosmopolitan decorative standards we are being presented with a unique opportunity to develop a new vernacular in the world of pattern and decorative art.



Cosimo Collection 28 running palmette border

J. Cosimo 

Florence Italy

(39) 3665916199

Cosimo Collection running palmette border. Traditional decorative border element.